TMC Protest against Petrol-Diesel Price Hike || Unusual increase in the price of petroleum products! Trinamool will take to the streets next week in protest

#Kolkata: The rising prices of petrol and diesel have left the middle class breathless. Today, the price of petrol has gone up again on Monday. Petrol price in Kolkata has increased by 39 paise per liter to Tk 99.74 per liter. Diesel is 92 rupees 26 paise per liter. Petrol has already crossed the century in 19 out of 23 districts of the state, leaving Kolkata behind. Protests are going on in several districts in protest of petrol price hike. The Trinamool is taking to the streets in protest of this uncomfortable price hike. The ruling camp will take to the streets across the state on July 10-11 to protest against the rise in prices of petroleum products. This is what has been decided in the training camp today. Every legislator in the state has been directed to organize protest processions in compliance with the Corona Rules.

Trinamool has also taken the social media by storm with the increase in the price of petroleum products. Counter vocal gerua camp. BJP-Trinamool Tarja peaks. In the case of petrol, 33.21% of the total price is central tax and 19.18% is state tax. The Center is levying 34.55% tax on the basic price of diesel. And the state is taking 14.18% tax. In this situation, the grassroots took the net world by storm by targeting the center. The campaign has started with a 4 word hashtag in English. It says ‘#ModiBabuPetrolBekabu’

On the other hand, as the first state in North-East India, the price of petrol dropped by Rs 100 to Rs 8 in Sikkim On Monday, the price of petrol in Gangtok was Rs 100.50 per liter And the price of diesel is 91.55 rupees per liter Petrol price has been increased by 35 paise per liter in Sikkim And diesel has increased by 17 paise

On the other hand, the Trinamool has instructed the legislators to be more cautious about attending various social functions, learning from the panda vuo IAS Debanjan Deb scandal of Kasba vaccine fraud. According to the source, the legislators will not be able to attend the function without verification if they are invited from this time. We have to find out who are the initiators of this program, what is their social identity, exactly what profession they are associated with.

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