Traders On Fuel Price Hike: Fuel has touched the sky! Forex merchants involved in the transportation of goods …

#Kolkata: Fuel prices are rising in line with the international market. Petrol has already hit hundreds in several cities in the state. In Calcutta also it has reached about one hundred. Overall, the concern of the middle class is growing. Due to the increase in the price of petrol and diesel (Fuel Price Hike), the transport business may also be affected. This is what the traders involved in the transportation business think.

Posta is the largest wholesale market in Asia. From here the essential goods reach the markets of different districts of the state every day by truck and small matador to the retailers. Every day 1000 trucks are involved in this work of transporting goods.

At least 400 such transporters have their hands full due to the rise in prices of petroleum products. They say we do not want to increase the cost of transportation. But the situation has reached a point where there is no alternative but to increase the cost of transportation.

Many traders are not willing to pay extra rent. So it has become a problem to keep the transport business running. Many trucks are just standing. Insurance costs have risen. The cost of toll tax has increased. The prices of tires and other vehicle parts have also gone up. Therefore, in this situation, the work of delivering the essential goods to the districts at the old fare is not going to be done anymore, said the transport traders.

Incidentally, the continuous rise in prices of petroleum products has already pushed up market prices. It is believed that if the cost of transportation increases this time, the market price will naturally go up. Petrol prices have skyrocketed in some districts of the state. Tilottama is moving in the same direction in Calcutta. The price of petrol in the city is only 12 paise to touch 100. Diesel is not lagging behind. There is already growing anger about that. Opposition parties are also in the role of the center. Fuel prices continue to rise. Petrol price also went up on Monday. On the same day, the price rose by 39 paise to Tk 99.7 in Kolkata. Which was 99.49 rupees on Sunday. However, the price of diesel has not increased on this day. Ordinary people are furious with the increase in this price. As a result, on the one hand, ordinary people are facing such problems. Concerns are also growing among traders involved in the transportation of goods.

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