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#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress is likely to celebrate Martyrs’ Day on July 21 this year through virtual channels. This was stated by the party’s secretary general Perth Chatterjee on this day The ruling party is going to take this decision keeping in mind the Corona situation

Last year too, the Trinamool Congress celebrated the 21st of July through virtual media with Corona Atimari in mind. Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee spoke virtually from their home in Kalighat. But this year, after a landslide victory in the assembly elections, the party leadership had planned to hold a big rally But the ruling party has to change its decision as soon as it is forced to do so

Speaking on the occasion of 21st July, Perth Chatterjee said, “I was talking to Subrata Boxer about this today. Probably this year’s Ekushey July program will also be observed virtually However, the party’s plans will be announced later.

On the same day, the BJP had called for a campaign for the Calcutta Municipality amid the Corona ban The Education Minister also questioned the responsibility of the main opposition party in the state “They never want to accept anything,” he said They don’t want to accept the rate even after the huge rate, people have refused, they are not willing to accept that either. Everything does not care about arm strength, democracy, constitution সং They are not in the struggle against Corona When Mamata Banerjee demanded a vaccine from the central government, they did not help ‘

The BJP has repeatedly demanded a referendum Parthababu said with a sneer, ‘The election will be held on time Our fight is against Kovid, to resist Kovid Those who are not aware of the health of ordinary people say such things Everything has become normal, the election will be held on time It falls within the jurisdiction of the state. ” The Trinamool general secretary reiterated his demand for speedy announcement of the remaining by-elections in the state.

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