‘Uttarkanya Abhiyan’ in memory, Kolkata fears unrest today amid Benazir’s crackdown

#Kolkata: Restrictions are still in place in the state. Because the situation was not normal in the country and in Bengal. So the epidemic law is also effective. For this reason, the Kolkata Police did not allow the BJP’s Youth Front to conduct a municipal operation. In this situation, the BJP is saying again, there will be a campaign. They are also ready to break the law. In this situation, the police have taken unprecedented measures. It is learned that after 1 pm, BJP workers will gather at Subodh Mallick Square and proceed towards Kolkata Municipality. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh is in the lead and Shuvendu Adhikari is also expected to be in the lead.

The BJP Youth Front sent a letter to Lalbazar on Sunday seeking permission from the police to cordon off the municipality. State President Agnimitra Pal also handed over a letter on behalf of the women’s wing of the party. But the police did not allow it. As a result, there is a risk of confrontation in Kolkata.

Water cannons and special forces have already been deployed in and around Kolkata Municipality. The whole campaign is being videographed. Dilip Ghosh, however, said in a formal tone, ‘There is no challenge. We have informed the police that we will conduct a protest operation. This time the police will do whatever. ‘

Incidentally, a BJP activist named Ulen Roy was killed in the BJP’s ‘Uttarkanya Abhiyan’ in Siliguri before the Assembly elections. Dilip Ghosh claimed that the attack was going on in Siliguri in the style of Nandigram. Although police made it clear, no shots were fired. False claims have been made. In fact, there was no sign of bullets on Ulen Roy’s body. The police are determined to avoid such unpleasant incidents in the Kolkata Municipality operation.

Again, BJP workers were sprayed with beige colored water to resist the Nabanna campaign. It remains to be seen whether any such plan has been taken to thwart the BJP’s campaign.

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