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Kolkata: The parliamentary team is going to train the new MLAs on the assembly. Those who are long-time MLAs and veteran politicians will take classes for the newly elected Trinamool MLAs today, Monday. Incidentally, ‘Mastermashai’ Dilip Ghosh and Shuvendu Adhikari took classes of BJP MLAs on Saturday. However, Trinamool supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly said in the party’s organizational meetings and assemblies that ministers or legislators must come to the assembly regularly. Must attend the session.

Therefore, the Trinamool Parliamentary Party will give the initial lesson of the parliamentary policy of the new MLAs from today. Although many of the newly elected MLAs are proficient in politics, they are not aware of the rules and regulations to be followed in the assembly. This initiative has been taken to inform them about that. The state budget session started with the speech of Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar in the assembly last Friday. All the MLAs of the party were instructed to be present in that session on behalf of the Trinamool Parishad party. Parliamentary Minister Perth Chatterjee has already said, “A meeting with all the MLAs will be held at Naushar Ali’s room on Monday at 12 noon. Classes of newly elected MLAs will be taken there. The new legislators have a lot to learn. “

Coincidentally, after the election of the Deputy Speaker on Friday, the Chief Minister in his short speech asked the new MLAs to attend the regular assembly sessions. With the emphasis on learning from the experienced legislators about the parliamentary etiquette. After the speech of the Chief Minister, the parliamentary party started this initiative to take classes for the new MLAs. All the new Trinamool MLAs have been asked to join this class. However, Parthababu said senior and experienced MLAs would also be in the meeting with the newcomers. Incidentally, the session will be adjourned after the condolence motion in the assembly today. Representatives of the Trinamool Congress will take classes for the new MLAs from 12 noon after the session at 11 am. The Trinamool Congress wants to make good speakers from the newcomers in the coming days.

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