Dilip Ghosh: Gerua Shibir is uncomfortable with the addition of Sanatan-BJP, ‘Is membership proved by taking membership with five rupees subscription?’

Kolkata The police took action against the accused. ” This is how Sanatan BJP president Dilip joined the BJP after the fake CBI Sanatan Roychowdhury confiscated the BJP membership receipt, the fake visiting card of the state government’s legal adviser and the card of the BJP’s national executive member.

In fact, Dilip Ghosh has made it clear in his statement that Sanatan is not a member of his party as soon as he received the receipt and other documents of BJP membership from Sanatan accused of fraud. After the arrest of fake CBI Sanatan Roychowdhury, one shocking information after another has started coming up to interrogate him. It is known that Sanatan was not only a CBI officer, but also an officer of different departments in different places. Receipts of BJP membership, fake visiting cards of legal advisers of the state government and cards of BJP national executive members were confiscated from him.

The car with the blue light was confiscated again in Calcutta without cutting off the remnants of Debanjankand. CBI sticker was found in the car. The accused was then arrested. According to police sources, Sanatan Roychowdhury, a resident of Baranagar, is a lawyer in the Calcutta High Court. Allegedly, the lawyer tried to embezzle property worth Tk 10 crore in Goriyahat police station area in the name of the state government’s standing council and CBI counsel. Police suspect seeing a CBI sticker on a car with a blue light. Goriyahat police arrested the accused from Sinthi area yesterday for inconsistency in the statement.

Meanwhile, the BJP is uneasy after receiving the receipt of BJP membership from Sanatan Roy Chowdhury. The BJP is now trying to absolve itself of responsibility by saying that their party has no connection with Sanatan. However, the ruling party commented on the BJP’s statement, “They are now trying to absolve themselves of responsibility.”

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