Dilip Ghosh Madan Mitra: two opposition leaders found in a jovial mood in assembly

#Kolkata: If one is a wild ole on the stage of politics, the other is a tiger tamarind. Dilip Ghosh is a state BJP president. The other is Madan Mitra, a grassroots MLA from Kamarhati. In the news headlines, the two are seen stabbing each other day and night. No one is behind in firing the party cannon. Sometimes one calls the other a ‘joker’, sometimes the ‘anti-corruption’ cannon is fired at the opposite pole. Two heavyweight leaders, Dilip Ghosh of the BJP and Madan Mitra of the Trinamool Congress, were found in a different mood on Tuesday. No one forgot to exchange courtesy face to face in the Assembly.

Madan Mitra and Dilip Ghosh were seen in a very light mood on the porch of the assembly. There was no shortage of courtesy. Instead, the leaders of the two camps were seen talking to each other in a light mood. He was accompanied by several other MLAs and first-line leaders.

Tuesday was the second day of the budget session of the Legislative Assembly. During the discussion on various issues including the Governor’s speech and the fake vaccine scandal, the session room became heated. The BJP and the Trinamool Congress became hot on the heels of the MLAs. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari left the room as soon as the Trinamool Congress MLAs got up to speak. Trinamool Congress MLAs keep saying that they are running away because they cannot face the truth.

While discussing the governor’s speech, the Trinamool Congress MLAs started arguing with BJP MLA Mihir Goswami of Natabari. Trinamool Congress MLAs attacked BJP MLA Mihir Goswami. Then, referring to Mamata Banerjee, Mihir said, “She is the one who has changed her party from the Congress to the Trinamool Congress.”

On the other hand, Trinamool Congress MLA Snehashis Chakraborty attacked the central government with a counter vaccine. His question was, ‘The central government has given 3 crore vaccines to the BJP state governments. Only 2.5 crore vaccines have been given in our state. This is a strategy to deprive Bengal .’‌ During the discussion, the Leader of the Opposition repeatedly left the session room. Seeing that, the speaker got angry with him.

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