Exclusive | TMC organizational reshuffle: Big change in grassroots next week, results after fire test

#Kolkata: There is going to be a massive reshuffle in the grassroots next week. According to the source, before giving office to any person, the evaluation will be done by taking a close look at how he has done in the election. If all goes well, some notable posts in several district committees of the Trinamool Congress will be announced next week. Several district presidents may also be replaced.

Trinamool has come to power with more than 200 seats. But not happy with this big victory, the grassroots organization is looking to strengthen. Youth organizations are also being organized. Sources say that in case of any reshuffle, the consideration of who has done what in the election is being considered, the evaluation will be based on these criteria. According to grassroots leaders, this year’s assembly election was a test. The team kept an eye on who was doing what in that test. And the result will be based on it. In other words, good deeds will be rewarded this time.

According to the sources, the post of president will be given only after seeing the transparent image. Leaders who perform well in public relations with the people will be given the responsibility. According to another source, the youth organization will not have people over the age of 40 in the next two days. The district-based organization that is being formed will also emphasize on transparency.

It will be seen whether the person can adapt to the characteristics of the area before the leader gives the position to the representatives. The relevant observer posts were not already in the grassroots organization. It is learned that there is no possibility of bringing it back immediately.

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