Fake CID: Debanjan’s allegations of fraud! The woman ‘embezzled’ millions of rupees in ‘CID identity’

#Krishnanagar: He is also a ‘Social Worker’ and a ‘High Profile Officer’. After the fake ‘IAS’ (Fake IAS), this time the allegation was made of the ‘fake CID’. In Krishnanagar, a woman was accused of cheating in the name of giving a job with the identity of DSP of CID (Fraud Allegation). A written complaint has already been lodged with the Kotwali police station in the woman’s name. He allegedly took money from several people in the name of giving jobs. Not only that, there are allegations that there is political fuel behind it. The incident has caused a stir in Krishnanagar, the district headquarters of Nadia.

According to police and local sources, the accused woman’s name is Radharani Biswas. His house is in JK Saha Lane area of ​​Kanthalpota in ward 5 of Krishnanagar municipality. A resident of the area, Munmun Khatun, lodged a written complaint with the police. According to his complaint, Radharani Biswas introduces herself as a social worker. He also claims to have the ability to give jobs. Munmun Khatun alleged that Radharani even took Rs 10 lakh from him in the name of giving him a job in a primary school. However, he did not want to say anything in front of the media.

However, a man named Gaurab Chatterjee alleged that Radharani Biswas helped many people with food items during the Corona period. He also introduced himself as DSP of CID. In the words of Gaurab, “He also cheated me with 5 lakh rupees in the name of giving me a job in the health department. I was given medical appointment at Bogula Hospital. Although I found out later that his e-mail ID and appointment letter are all fake. I found out that he had cheated several people in this way with money. I also lodged a written complaint with the police. ”

Biswajit Chakraborty, husband of Arpita Chakraborty, a former local councilor of the Trinamool Congress, alleged, “Radharani Biswas has an acquaintance with the big leaders of our party. He has helped a lot of people. He rents a house. But he is building a huge new house. I have news that he has already cheated 16 people. Her e-mail ID and appointment letter are all fake. ”

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