June Malia | For the first time in the assembly, June Malia took the storm today!

#Kolkata: He has set foot in the assembly for the first time. Newly elected Trinamool MLA June Malia addressed today’s session. The first statement, meanwhile, is that the opposition is constantly making noise. June’s self-confidence did not falter, but she handled her responsibilities smoothly.

June said above the governor’s speech today. Praise for the state health card, government project at the door can be heard in his words. The June speech was in English. During his speech, the MLAs of his party were seen slapping the table. Opponents were silent.

Jun Malia has won the tough battle of Jangalmahal. He has been placed in the INCA committee on information culture of the assembly. In June, he said, “Indigenous brothers and sisters in my constituency are good at sports. But if they are not trained at the right time, they will not be able to move forward. We can all move forward by negotiating through this committee.” Raj Chakraborty is also in the same committee. According to the two star MLAs, the state government is giving importance to the needs of the people. More work is being done to improve the infrastructure. People cannot question development. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, including sports and information culture. That’s what the star-studded pair wants to do.

There are a total of 41 committees in the assembly. The committee is divided by members of both the opposition parties. This time too there is that rule. However, the committee on which the star legislators will be present must be noticed.

Opposition MLA Mihir Goswami also addressed the assembly today. Manoj Tigga demanded that post-poll violence be discussed. Other BJP MLAs, including the Leader of the Opposition, have been unanimously supporting the demand.

The speaker, however, denied the claim. He said the governor’s speech would be discussed. Then the opposition brought the adjournment proposal. The principal did not agree to the proposal.

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