Lalbazar Traffic Control New Guideline || Debanjan case! Police are trying to catch fake red-blue light vehicles, strict guidelines of Lalbazar

#Kolkata: The traffic department of Kolkata police took a tougher stance on vehicles with red and blue lights. According to Lalbazar sources, from this time, the number of the vehicle with red and blue lights will be recorded in the traffic signal. Meanwhile, the Kolkata Police Traffic Department has sent new guidelines to each traffic guard.

What’s in this new guide?

According to sources, the new guidelines state that each traffic guard will have to choose a signal, where two civic volunteers will be deployed. They will record the number of all red-and-blue lighted vehicles that pass by with that signal. Later, the number plates of those vehicles will be checked to see which vehicles are using red-blue lights without any purpose. If it is found that the owner or driver of a car is using red or blue lights in his car in a dishonest way, strict action will be taken against them.

Incidentally, the fake IAS was arrested from Kasba last month and the fake covid vaccination center came to the fore. The debate is going on. The young man named Debanjan Dev used to use a blue light in his car for a long time to call himself a municipal official. After this issue came to the fore, the concern about the cars with red and blue lights has increased in Lalbazar. Due to this, a special drive or operation is being carried out by the traffic department to catch the vehicles with fake red-blue lights at different points of the city.

A young man was arrested by the East Traffic Guard last week. The young man was driving around with a blue light on his car. As soon as the police caught him, he introduced himself as a Central Vigilance officer. The investigation revealed that everything was fake. The traffic department issued new guidelines to prevent such incidents. Starting today, all the traffic guards in the city have started recording the number plates of the vehicles with red and blue lights by selecting a specific signal point. However, the ambulance has been left out of this list. In the past, more than one car has been caught illegally using red or blue lights. However, this time Lalbazar is more cautious.

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