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#Kolkata: The proposal to form the Legislative Council was passed in the assembly 195 votes were cast in favor of the proposal while 89 votes were cast against it It was expected that the proposal would be passed in the assembly As expected, the BJP strongly opposed the proposal to form the Legislative Assembly Perth Chatterjee, along with Miheer Goswami and Shuvendu Adhikari, became the focus of the assembly session on the proposal to form a Legislative Assembly.

The BJP has been against the formation of the Legislative Assembly from the very beginning Opposing the proposal on the same day, BJP MLA Mihir Goswami argued that the formation of the Legislative Assembly would put additional pressure on the state exchequer. Kochbihar South MLA 6 claimed that the cost was a waste BJP MLA Shankar Ghosh also questioned the rationale for forming the Legislative Assembly ISF MLA Nowshad Siddiqui also opposed the formation of the Legislative Assembly. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari, however, slammed the state for forming the Legislative Assembly.

The opposition leader alleged that the formation of the Legislative Assembly was aimed at rehabilitating those close to the ruling party and those who had been rejected by the people in the elections. He also claimed that if the Legislative Council is formed, it will cost around Tk 800 crore in five years Shuvendu said, ‘There is no rationale in the Legislative Assembly If the Legislative Assembly is formed, the delay in passing the bill will increase and it will take more time The same reasons that the Legislative Assembly was abolished in the state in 1989 still apply today. So why is the state government desperate to form the Legislative Assembly again? In fact, this attempt is being made to make room for those close to the ruling party through the back door ‘

After the resolution is passed in the Legislative Assembly, first the Governor, then the Union Law Minister, the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha will go to the President for final approval. “You are the majority here,” the opposition leader warned the ruling party. So Guy has passed the proposal loudly Remember, just like you are the majority here, we are the majority in the Lok Sabha Our party’s position is clear, we are against the Legislative Assembly.

Education Minister Perth Chatterjee retaliated against Shuvendu’s attack He argued that the initiative has been taken to form the Legislative Assembly by respecting the constitution He questioned why the Legislative Assembly was not being closed in BJP-ruled states like Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. Rebutting the Leader of the Opposition’s argument, Perth Chatterjee said, “He is talking about the back door Even after losing the election, many are becoming MPs of Rajya Sabha We may have ideological differences with the CPM and the Congress But they feel bad because they have become zero It is not good for democracy for them to become empty Shuvendu Adhikari had hinted to block the proposal in the Lok Sabha On the other hand, Perth Chatterjee said, “If something is passed here in the federal structure, you, as the Leader of the Opposition, as a MLA, are saying that you will blow it up in the Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha.” We have nothing to say if this is your thing. Let the people of Bengal see. Do not oppose just for the sake of politics.

The number of seats in the state assembly is 294 Accordingly, a Legislative Council with a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 96 seats can be formed On 1 August 1969, the Legislative Assembly was officially dissolved in the state Mamata Banerjee’s government has taken initiative to open the upper house of the state legislature again Perth Chatterjee further claimed that the state government wanted to form the Legislative Assembly to give those who want to be part of the legislature, not directly in politics, a chance, not for those close to the ruling party. The state’s parliamentary minister claimed that there would be representation from all walks of life Shuvendu Adhikari, however, made it clear that the BJP would take the opposition to the formation of the Legislative Assembly to the final stage.

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