Madan Mitra: He entered after wearing one shirt in the morning, Madan Mitra in another form in the assembly in the afternoon! What’s the matter?

#Kolkata: From the beginning of the assembly session, Madan Mitra alone has been competing with all the other MLAs irrespective of party affiliation. No one can compete with the MLA of Kamarhati (Madan Mitra) in dress, glasses and slippers. However, Tuesday showed another surprise. In the morning he was seen in the smart look of T-shirt and trousers. But another picture was seen in the afternoon. Where’s the T-shirt? Madan Mitra is spreading Bangaliana in a black Punjabi.

According to sources, the MLA got wet in the rain after going out in the middle of the day. And that is the danger. How long can you spend after a wet t-shirt? That is why Punjabi wear. Luke has changed. Leaving the T-shirt, Madan Mitra was seen in a good mood in Punjabi. The MLA of Kamarhati was seen in light rice all day long. He was even seen chatting with the BJP state president. According to sources, Dilip Ghosh has come to pay homage to Shyamaprasad Mukherjee on his birthday. The BJP state president was chatting with other MLAs of the party after paying homage to Shyamaprasad’s portrait inside the assembly. At that time he faced Madan Mitra. The BJP state president also made a mild joke about Madan Mitra’s Punjabi. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Madan is competing in dress-glasses-slippers Madan is competing in dress-glasses-slippers

Incidentally, Madan Mitra is back in the assembly after five years. And on his return, he is going through one surprise after another through his ‘style statement’. Friday was the first day of the first session after the formation of the new assembly. And even on that day Madan was seen in a very happy mood in the assembly premises. This politician of colorful character is seen wearing white Punjabi and dhoti later in the day. Most of the politicians in India are seen wearing this dress. However, Madan Mitra was shocked.

Madan Mitra with white dhoti-Punjabi wore a blue mask and a fancy sandal of slippers. The name of the ‘brand’ of that slipper was in English on that slipper – ‘Boss’. According to sources, the slippers were brought from Dubai. Madanbabu himself told the journalists. However, it is not known whether he bought it himself or received it as a gift from someone. Madan Mitra is known for his gorgeous clothes and colorful character on Facebook Live. ‘Rangila’ MLA Madan Mitra is putting a different color on the milky white porch of the assembly.

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