Mamata Banerjee: Mamata dissatisfied with the infrastructure of Bangla Aid Center! Strict letter to Nabanna in the district …

#Kolkata: On October 12 last year, the state government issued a directive to set up ‘Bangla Sahayata Kendra’ across the state. These centers are mainly set up to make government services more accessible to the general public. Less than a year later, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself expressed dissatisfaction with the infrastructure of those centers (Bangla Sahayata Kendra). Why the infrastructure of ‘Bangla Aid Centers’ is not being monitored? With that, Nabanna gave a strong letter to the district governor and municipal commissioners of the state. Not only that, according to news sources, Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi may soon hold a video conference on the issue.

Recently, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had promised to provide multiple facilities through Bangla Aid Centers. According to sources, the state government had 251 support centers out of which 160 were facilitated for exchange through Bengali support centers and 61 information exchange services were provided through 36 departments. But even then, the district magistrate asked the municipal commissioner why he was so lax.

According to Nabanna Sutra, 1101218 services have so far been provided through Bangla support centers across the state through the portal. The letter said that Bengali support centers in different districts are facing various problems. Especially electricity problems, problems with internet connection, computer related problems. Not only that, the letter said that in some cases it is seen that the officers in charge of the Bengali help centers are being used in other places without any permission. There are even allegations that the Bengali support center is not being properly promoted. The letter from Nabanna expressed concern over the issue and made several suggestions.

According to the letter signed by the Chief Secretary, the necessary steps need to be taken immediately. Necessary contact should be made with each department to find out the problems related to the infrastructure and how to deal with those problems.

2) The officers in charge of Bangla Aid Centers who are working in other places should be brought back to that place immediately.

3) Training should be given on the officers of Bangla Sahayata Kendras and necessary information should be given about the three tier Panchayat system who have been elected or who are in different municipalities and what arrangements or services can be provided through this Bangla Sahayak Kendra.

4) At each review meeting, the district magistrates will have to discuss what is Bangla Sahayata Kendra and what will be its services.

5) One by one additional district governors and officers with knowledge about IT should be in charge of Bangla support centers to monitor every day and see what is working.

6) Those who will be in charge of the support centers of Bengal will also have to undergo training in keeping with the government services that will be available.

6) Necessary steps should be taken to make the Bengali help centers visually better.

On behalf of Navanna, in addition to giving these seven points of advice to make the Bengali support centers attractive, it has been informed that the high level officials of the state will regularly review the Bengali support centers. All in all, it is practically certain that the state government has taken the necessary steps to rebuild the Bengali support centers.

Somraj Banerjee

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