Mamata Banerjee: ‘Many old relationships’, Mamata at Mukul Nibas in mourning, Krishna Roy’s funeral tomorrow

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy and Krishna Roy have a long personal relationship with their family. So after a long illness, Mukul Roy’s wife Krishna Roy’s death, the same melody was heard in the throat of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee). He said that the family had been traveling since the time of Mukul Roy’s mother. There was also intimacy with Mukul-Jaya. He hoped, “Krishna will recover. Despite all efforts, Mamata Banerjee regrets that she was not saved.

On this day, even after the news of Krishna Roy’s death, the Chief Minister rushed to Mukul Roy’s house. Mamata arrived at Mukul’s Salt Lake home around 3:30 pm on Tuesday. In this moment of mourning, the Trinamool Supremo stood by his old teammate. He was there for about half an hour. He also talked to Mukul for a long time. As he was leaving, he was confronted by the media.

Mamata said, “Mukul is my long time colleague. I knew his family personally. I knew his wife. I visited his family many times when his mother was alive, I also met his mother. Everyone thought that his wife Krishna would get well. Couldn’t. ” Then Mamata said, “Shuvrangshu is in Chennai. He will return from Chennai tomorrow at 7 am. From there he will go home to Kanchrapara. Then they will decide where the funeral will be.”

According to family sources, he died of a heart attack at 5:15 am today at a hospital in Chennai. The body will be brought to Calcutta tomorrow. Mukul Roy’s wife was admitted to the hospital on May 11 due to corona infection. After being on ventilation, he was in support for 2 weeks. He was then taken to Chennai for a lung transplant. But the complexity continues to grow. Mukul Jaya Krishna Roy passed away this morning.

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