Mukul Roy’s wife Krishna Roy Passed away | Krishna Roy, wife of late Mukul Roy, is a shadow of mourning in the grassroots

#Kolkata: The fight finally stopped. The deceased was identified as Krishna Roy, wife of Mukul Roy. Corona was in critical condition due to subsequent lung problems. A few days ago, it was decided to take him to Chennai for a lung transplant. The unequal fight finally stopped. He died at the private hospital in Chennai at 4.30 am today.

Mukul Roy was attacked by his wife Corona a couple of months ago. The couple was being treated at a private hospital on the side of the bypass. Although Mukul Roy recovered, Krishna Devi did not end the crisis. His lungs were severely damaged. The doctors decided to keep him in Ekmo support. The search for a person with brain death begins for Krishna Devi’s lung transplant.

Krishna Devi is gone. But before leaving, he went through a big wound. It can be said that Mukul Roy and Krishna Devi’s son Shuvrangshu Roy have returned home for him. Shuvrangshu himself said this in an exclusive interview given to News Eighteen Bangla. Said, religious polarization is not his mother’s way of life. Shuvrangshu wanted to follow the path shown by his mother at the end of her life. Abhishek Bandyopadhyay also respected Krishna Devi like a mother. When he was ill, he rushed to look for him. Today, the shadow of mourning for his death is inside the grassroots.

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