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If anyone in the city of Kolkata wants to be a policeman or an IAS, then there is no need to study anymore! Go straight to certain markets. Once there, you can find everything from logos to police, border guards, army uniforms to batches and clothing. Deda is selling everything in a market in Sealdah. A police hat, an Ashoka pillar on it, a metal logo of the Kolkata Police and a West Bengal Police logo are found on the shoulder. If you order at least 50 pieces, anything else will be delivered on time. But you have to pay the whole money first.

Plates engraved in front of IPS or IS vehicles will also be available. However, it was made from Hasanabad. Debanjan used to take everything written or engraved with IPS, IAS from the shop where News Eighteen Bangla went that day. And it was introduced by a person named Zakir from Goriyahat. All the BSF and police metal logos recovered from Debanjan’s house were bought from here. The shopkeeper admitted everything on this day.

Debanjan has been a customer of this shop since 2012. All the forbidden things that are not available in the open market in Calcutta can be found when it comes to Baban Kumar Roy. He was scared at first. But later he got used to it and sold all our things for money. Fake logos, officers all over West Bengal, where we went to the market and bought police logos, hats. There are many such prohibited items found in this place in Sealdah. Government people also travel there. Those shopkeepers were claiming, now a little stricter. So being sold is hiding. However, questions are being raised about the role of the administration.

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