Sabuj Sathi || Green partner’s bicycle delivery activities, when will the students of which class get bicycles? Learn …

#Kolkata: As per the announcement of the Chief Minister, the state has started the process of distributing bicycles to the students under the Green Companion Project. The work of giving bicycles in the first phase has to be completed by the month of August. For those who have already passed the ninth grade, but have not been able to get a bicycle for the lockdown due to the Corona Ultima, the process of giving a bicycle has been instructed to be completed by next August.

On the other hand, for those who are in the ninth grade this year, the process of giving bicycles has to be completed by November. According to sources, the chairman of the SC commission held a video conference with the district governors today. According to sources, the meeting directed the district magistrate to complete the work of providing bicycles in the first phase by next August. Last month, the Chief Minister announced the provision of bicycles. After that instruction, this time the activities started all over the state.

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