The municipality’s decision on the vaccine, Friday-Saturday will be given only the second dose


Only the second dose will be available at the Covid Vaccine Centers in Kolkata Municipality on Friday and Saturday this week. And on Wednesday only the first dose of Corona in the second half will be given to the centers. Covid Vaccine Centers are being set up at 194 places in Kolkata Municipality area and vaccines are being given to the citizens there. The first dose of the vaccine is being given there from 10 am to 1 pm and the second dose from 1 pm to 4 pm except Sunday. But the municipality estimates that the number of people taking the second dose is increasing day by day.

Atin Ghosh, one of the administrators of Kolkata Municipality, demanded, ‘The number of such people who have to take the second dose in Kolkata on Tuesday is 6,000. If tomorrow’s number is added, the number will become 6 thousand. The number of taking the second dose every day is increasing by twenty thousand. Because, the number of taking the first dose is now a lot in Kolkata. Very few citizens received a second dose compared to that. The decision of the municipality is to keep the number of citizens seeking the second dose out of reach. Initially, it has been decided that only the second dose will be given next Friday and Saturday at every Covid Vaccine Center in Kolkata Municipality from 10 am to 4 pm. Atin Ghosh said, “Those who are waiting for the second dose in Kolkata can come to any of our covid vaccine centers.”

But why make this decision? Atin Babu said, ‘We need 50,000 vaccines every day in Kolkata. But I am getting less number of vaccines than required. As a result, the decision was taken by the municipality to ensure that the number of second dose recipients does not exceed one lakh. Besides, Atin Ghosh said that the first dose of the vaccine will be given only in the second part, i.e. from one in the afternoon to four in the afternoon, in the vaccination centers of the municipality instead of twice on Wednesday. However, the vaccine will be given by the municipality in the normal routine on Thursday.

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