Ujaan Ganguli: Kaushik-Churni’s son moved to Oxford, Ujaan Gangupadhyay gave good news on Facebook!

#Kolkata: This time, actor Ujaan Ganguli is going to set foot in another chapter of his life. Crossing Oxford. He has the opportunity to study postgraduate studies in world literature at Oxford University. Ujaan Ganguli, the only son of Kaushik Ganguli and Churni Ganguli, will leave the city for higher studies at the end of August or early September this year.

Ujaan Ganguli shared the good news in a long post on Facebook on Monday. He said that he got this news in February this year. But all the family members have not been able to share the good news with everyone due to Kovid’s attack, losing Dida, one family disaster after another. But now the balance is back. So Ujan said that he shared it with everyone. In his words, “Parents are upset. In fact, we are so attached to each other. From time to time, father and mother are also expressing their regret for leaving. I could go to Delhi during graduation. Didn’t go then. Dad, I made my mother’s habits worse. ”

It is to be noted that the talented son of good parents made his debut as the protagonist of the movie ‘Rasgolla’ directed by Pavel. In the industry, fathers began to be known little by little, not by their mother’s identity, but by their work. Continuing with studies. ‘Lakshmi Chele’, starring Ujan, directed by Kaushik Gangopadhyay and produced by Windows, is also awaiting release. In the meantime, this new bend is upstream.

In the words of Ujan, “I don’t think it’s because I’m taking a break or isolating myself from the movie world. I have a close relationship with the movie world. I’m not talking because of my parents. I like to work. I’m also studying movies.” “Literature, movies are closely linked. I will look for acting opportunities there as well. I will come back here. Whatever I do next, whether I am a professional actor or not, I want to be connected with the film world.” Ujan is currently busy with postgraduate examinations at Jadavpur University from July 15. OTT or film offers have come in. Viewers at several international film festivals have seen his performance, acclaimed and acclaimed. New campus and new photos.

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