Becharam Manna Protest | Becharam Manna rides a bicycle to protest from Singur to Vidhan Sabha, Kolkata on the occasion of Oil Century

#Kolkata: Samil Singur’s Trinamool MLA and Labor Minister Becharam Manna in a fancy protest. Modi Babu Petrol Bekab – This tagline was popularized by the Trinamool a few days ago. Abhishek Banerjee himself tweeted. This time, Becharam Manna left Singur for Kolkata on a bicycle. The budget session in the assembly today. Becharam came to this session on a bicycle. In his words, “People are getting excited about the increase in petrol and diesel prices. In the meantime, the state budget today. I came to the assembly on a bicycle to protest the increase in petrol and diesel prices. I believe Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will show the way to the common man in this situation.”

The BJP, however, says that many people have to go to Kolkata by bicycle after the local train is stopped. Petrol-diesel gets more tax from the state center. Why are they not reducing the tax money? Today, on the day of this fancy protest of Becharam, Petrol scored a century in Kolkata.

Note that the leftists have taken the path of increasing the price of petroleum products before. The Trinamool also wants to use this issue as a tool to raise the tone of opposition. According to sources, Abhishek Banerjee himself wants to raise this issue in the parliament building. Not only inside the Lok Sabha, the Trinamool has plans to come down with petrol and diesel. On July 10 and 11, all the Trinamool MLAs have been asked to take to the streets in their respective areas to protest against the hike in petroleum prices. Even the anti-BJP alliance is expected to unite on the issue. And the poor are the representatives of that tactic.

The grassroots, however, have long been vocal about the rise in petroleum prices. A couple of days ago, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister protesting the skyrocketing fuel prices. Mamata Banerjee has urged the Prime Minister to immediately reduce the tax rate levied by the central government to reduce petrol and diesel prices.

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