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#Kolkata: Education Minister Bratya Basu expressed his displeasure at the meeting of the Vice-Chancellors regarding the entrance examination of the Presidency University. The presidency has already submitted applications for admission of first year students at the undergraduate level. Thousands of applications have already been submitted. The Joint Entrance Board is in charge of the entrance examination. The board has already announced the date of the entrance examination. In that case, how was the decision to take the entrance exam? Education Minister Bratya Basu expressed his displeasure in front of Vice Chancellor Anuradha Lohia.

On Wednesday, Education Minister Bratya Basu sat in a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor on the admission process. At that meeting, he informed the vice-chancellors that the admission process for the first year of graduation should start from August 2. Not the entrance exam, in the current Corona situation students have to be admitted through numbers. Sources said Jadavpur University Vice-Chancellor Suranjan Das and Presidency University Vice-Chancellor Anuradha Lohia wanted to know how the students could be admitted soon after informing the state vice-chancellors about the position. Not only that, from attending the meeting, the Vice Chancellor of Presidency University told the Education Minister that they have already taken the application form.

Besides, the Joint Entrance Board also informed about when the examination will be taken. The Vice Chancellor of Presidency University also wants to know from the Minister of Education and the Secretary of Education what should be done in this case. Sources said that at that time the school education secretary picked up the chairman of the Joint Entrance Board Maleyendu Saha on the phone. The school education secretary asked the chairman of the board why the deadline for taking the Presidency University entrance test was announced. Not only that. The school education secretary said that while the joint board has been asked not to take any entrance test other than the joint test for the time being, how did the presidency inform the time limit for taking the entrance test? The chairman of the Joint Entrance Board faced that question. According to sources, the chairman of the board said the email was sent by the presidency. In that context, the board has decided to take the entrance test and the deadline.

Vice-Chancellor of Jadavpur University Suranjan Das, who was present at the meeting, expressed concern that if the Presidency University entrance test is held, it will have an impact on Jadavpur University as well. Although Education Minister Bratya Basu expressed displeasure at the meeting on the overall issue, the chairman of the Joint Entrance Board, the Vice-Chancellor of the Presidency University, said a meeting on the issue would be held soon. One of the vice-chancellors who was present at the meeting said, “Why would a university take a separate decision when it comes to student admission through numbers? All universities should be admitted through numbers.”

According to sources, Education Minister Bratya Basu is going to hold a meeting on how to overcome this complexity of Presidency University. According to the source, the education minister is seeking a discussion on how to start the student admission process anew as so many applications have been submitted. However, no response was received from the Vice Chancellor of the Presidency University on this issue.

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