Mamata Banerjee attacks BJP for making John Barla union minister ‘Babul is bad today’, Mamata attacks BJP for making John Barla a minister – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: A few days ago, he was vocal in demanding a separate North Bengal That John Barla has been brought to the important position in the Union Cabinet this time Alipurduar MP has been made the state minister of the Union Ministry of Minority Development After John Barla’s demand for a separate North Bengal, a heated debate erupted At that time, the state BJP leaders avoided the responsibility saying that the matter was Barla’s personal opinion As a result, the BJP’s position on the demand for a separate North Bengal was not clear The Alipurduar MP received the big prize even though he was not reprimanded by the party after his clear, controversial demand to give John Barla an important post in the Union Cabinet.

Reacting to the issue, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has sharply attacked the BJP without naming John Barla. He also slammed the BJP over the resignations of two other Bengal MPs, Babul Supriya and Debashree Chowdhury. On this day, the Chief Minister said, ‘Today, Babul Supriya has gone bad That dynastic woman (Debashree Chowdhury) has also been asked to resign. Without naming John Barla, the chief minister said, “It is up to their party to decide who will be the minister, who will be the sentry, who will be picked up, who will be knocked down.” The BJP itself is the biggest separatist When man’s time is bad and his mind is destroyed, he finds all these powers But all this power is not worthy of being given They will not be of any use The BJP may be satisfied, but it will be of no use to the people.

According to political sources, John Barla’s demand for a separate North Bengal, no matter how controversial it was, made him a minister and won the hearts of the tribals. Another MP from Nishith Pramanik, a stronghold in North Bengal, was also made a minister. The BJP leadership is unwilling to allow the party’s rush to loosen in North Bengal thinking of 2024 Central leaders, such as BJP state leaders, have realized that it will be to their political advantage to maintain the demand for underdevelopment, regardless of whether it is a separate state or not. Many MLAs and leaders of the party can bend over if they openly oppose this demand The BJP leadership also has that fear Alipurduar MP became the Union Minister despite all these figures, perhaps making controversial demands like separate North Bengal. However, in the last few days, this demand has not been heard from John Barla

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