New ways to cheat people in the trap of sex chat! Maharashtra police arrested him from Kolkata


A handful of sex chats to various enthusiastic people, sometimes unimaginable offers by showing pictures of beautiful women, sometimes entertainment arrangements for different people over the phone. Several days ago, a government official in Maharashtra complained to the police that he was a victim of cheating through sex chat. After filing the complaint, it is known that one person targets one or two people specified in different dating sites. The money laundering table is calculated from them. A Maharashtra government employee fell victim to it. He allegedly lost Rs 42 lakh. Dating sites are deceptive in the name of giving them the opportunity to spend time with beautiful women.

A group of fraudsters get caught in the trap of extorting money due to lack of various words on the dating site. Maharashtra is also accused of threatening to make the chat public again by extorting money in the name of providing various services on the dating site. On the one hand, there were allegations of money laundering and on the other hand, blackmailing by bringing sex chats in public came from the Maharashtra Police. Upon investigation, the police came to know that this fraudulent cycle was going on in Kolkata. A man named Kalyan Sahu was arrested from an elite residence along the bypass in the Survey Park police station area. The accused told the police that he was doing this job on the condition of only seven thousand rupees a month. However, according to police sources, there are many people behind the incident.

The accused Kalyan Sahu had virtually created a large circle. Maharashtra Police produced Kalyan Sahu in Alipore court on Wednesday and applied for transit remand. Several materials were recovered from the accused. Considering the importance of the case, the judge granted the application for transit remand for the next seven days. According to police sources, there is a possibility that a lot of female workers were involved in the incident. According to police sources, Maharashtra police have found traces of several bank accounts. CCTV camera footage from various ATMs matched the pictures of the accused.

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