Petrol-diesel ‘fire’ in Modi era, fancy protest pump owners too!

#Kolkata: This time the owners of petrol pumps are also protesting against the increase in petrol and diesel prices. With the price of petroleum products skyrocketing day by day, it has become a problem for the pump owners to keep the business afloat. The pump owners’ association joined the symbolic strike in protest. Petrol pump owners joined the agitation by shutting down services from 7pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday.

In the city of Kolkata, it was seen that at seven o’clock in the evening, the owners took part in the symbolic strike by turning off all the lights of the pump. However, not only the owners, but also the workers of the pump wore black badges and joined the protest. He went to a pump in Lansdowne area of ​​South Kolkata and was seen refraining from serving petrol-diesel vehicles at the pump at that time. Apu Pal Chowdhury, on behalf of the petrol pump owners, said, “The way the prices are going up, the sales of our pumps have come down a lot. Despite the continuous rise in oil prices, our commission has not increased for many years. It is now difficult to sustain the business in this situation. Sales of petrol and diesel have already come down in Corona. The way prices are rising every day has had a huge impact on our business. If this situation continues, we will have to move away from the business that has been going on for generations. ‘

In the words of Gautam Kundu, a pump worker who participated in the symbolic protest, ‘We are at the pump all the time. I see that the number of cars has decreased a lot compared to before. Most of the customers who are coming to refuel have reduced their oil intake. In this situation we are not getting our salary on time. We understand how the owner will cover other costs if the oil is not sold. However, it has become difficult to run our family.

Snehashish Bhowmick, vice-president of the West Bengal Petroleum Dealers’ Association, said: Borrowing is done with many. The amount of that loan is constantly increasing. But oil is being sold less. We are not just a businessman, we are also a social people. Through us, the question of livelihood of millions of families is involved along with us. In this situation, our backs are against the wall. So we were forced to protest symbolically.

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