Rajib Banerjee on Suvendu Adhikari | ‘I will call the Leader of the Opposition …’ || Rajiv Banerjee’s cannon against Shuvendu without naming him

#Kolkata: Soumitra Khan was stabbed in the morning. Rajib Banerjee on Suvendu Adhikari also stabbed Shuvendu Adhikari without naming him. On social media, Rajiv unequivocally criticized the opposition leader for targeting the chief minister. Rajib gave the signal to come back to the party. The only question is, will the party respond to his call?

Rajeev wrote on Facebook today, “I will tell the Leader of the Opposition, under whose leadership and whom the people of Bengal want to see the Chief Minister elected by voting for his candidates in 213 seats without attacking the Chief Minister, the only goal now is to raise petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices.” Should be. “

There are two sides to Rajiv’s post. On the one hand, Rajiv is opposing the tendency to take the Chief Minister by the hand. On the other hand, he is taking the side of the Chief Minister. Again, he is talking about the price of petroleum products at a time when the Trinamool is thinking of going to Parliament on this same issue. In other words, it can be said that Rajiv is ready to match the tune of the grassroots.

On June 6, Rajiv Banerjee expressed his position on Facebook for the first time. That post was also against the BJP’s position. Rajiv wrote in the post, “There is a lot of criticism. The people of Bengal will not take it well if they show Delhi and Article 357 in words to criticize the elected government for bringing huge public support and to oppose the Chief Minister. We should all rise above politics to the people of Bengal. Stay tuned. ” Needless to say, Rajib’s target was Shuvendu Adhikari again.

In the last few months, Rajiv has widened his distance from the BJP since the vote crisis. He was not seen at any BJP meeting. Instead, Rajib has tried to get closer to the grassroots. He was seen at the homes of several grassroots leaders. But the question remains whether the Trinamool supremo will agree to return Rajiv to the party. An inquiry into Rajiv’s office has been ordered by the Chief Minister himself. Will the Chief Minister change his mind, will he soften the tone? Political circles are interested in seeing Rajiv with a soft mind.

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