Ration: Why the picture of the Prime Minister on the hoarding of the ration shop, the loud Chief Minister

#Kolkata: Ration shops have to put up hoardings with pictures of the Prime Minister. The state is sharply criticizing the Centre’s decision. Already, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has raised the question, why the picture of the Prime Minister will be given in the ration shop? According to him, he will give 5 kg of rice for 3 months. Or he will have to put up hoardings in the ration shop with the picture of the Prime Minister. I have never seen such a Prime Minister before.

On the other hand, the Food Corporation of India said that they are fully prepared for the implementation of the fourth phase of the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Food Scheme. In the wake of the Corona epidemic, the central government has launched the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Food Scheme to provide free foodgrains to the poor through mass distribution. After successful implementation of three phases of the project till last June, the duration of the project has been extended by another five months till November.

According to SK Soen, General Manager, West Bengal, Food Corporation of India, more than nine lakh metric tonnes of wheat and about six lakh metric tonnes of rice have been allocated for distribution at this stage. Which will be distributed free of cost under the National Food Security Act. As a result, more than one crore ration consumers under the law in the state will get 5 kg more foodgrains per month in addition to their regular allotment. The Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Food Scheme has set a target of distributing a total of 4.5 million metric tonnes of foodgrains worth about Tk 15,000 crore. Appropriate vehicles for transporting goods have been made about two and a half times more than the normal time. The allocation of 6 lakh metric tonnes of foodgrains for May and June has already been handed over to the state government for distribution.

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