WB Budget 2021 || Mamata Banerjee: Student Loan, Lakshmi Bhandar, Deucha Panchami, Mamata’s Three Goals in State Budget

#Kolkata: On the day of the presentation of the budget (WB Budget 2021) in the Assembly, Mamata Banerjee once again slammed the Center. His explanation on the issue is that Bengal is ahead in terms of development relative to the country. Besides, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also tried to explain what the roadmap of the future will be.

On this day, the Chief Minister showed the account and said, we get 33 thousand 314 crore rupees. Damage report sent, yet we did not receive. Mamata reminded that the country’s GDP at the moment – 7.8 percent. And the state’s GDP is + 1.75 percent at the moment. Mamata explains by highlighting these statistics, we are ahead. Despite so much neglect we are moving forward. Mamata gave the highest marks to agriculture and food subject to the development of the state.

Mamata’s explanation of what will be the focus of the state in the future, various requests of the government have come to the door. We are scrutinizing the matter. Those who do not yet have a health card, do it quickly. Lakshi’s repository will be launched soon. Earlier, the Chief Minister had announced the Lakshmi Bhandar project to help the girls of distressed families. Girls of ordinary families will get 500 rupees per month, girls of scheduled families will get 1000 rupees per month. The annual cost of the state for this project will be around Tk 11,000 crore.

On this day, a total of 3 lakh 8 thousand 726 crore has been allocated in the budget. Perth Chatterjee also spoke about the emphasis on employment during the budget reading. But if you go any way, you can get a job. According to Mamata Banerjee, if the Deucha Panchami project is launched, at least 1 lakh people will get jobs there. Besides, investment is also being made in Silicon Valley, said the Chief Minister.

The state’s student credit card has been launched since June 30. Mamata Banerjee brought up that topic in today’s speech. He said that this issue will be given more importance in the coming days.

The ruling party has consistently opposed the Center on the petroleum issue. The same tune was heard in the throat of the Chief Minister today. Angry Mamata said, if the price of petrol and diesel goes up, it will have an effect They earn from this. They have earned 3 lakh 61 thousand crore rupees Where did so much money go? What will happen to people if so much money?

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