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#Kolkata: Why should the responsibility for the failure of Corona Atimari be placed on the Minister of Health alone? Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee pointed the finger directly at Prime Minister Narendra Modi before raising the issue of reshuffling the Union Cabinet.

Several important ministers have resigned before the reshuffle of the Union Cabinet The most notable of these is the resignation of Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Not only Harsh Vardhan, but also State Minister for Health Ashwini Chaubey had to resign According to political sources, Harsh Vardhan and his deputies were blamed for failing to cope with the second wave of Corona Atimari.

With the resignation of the Union Health Minister, the Chief Minister has directly targeted the Prime Minister on this day “I can’t say why the health minister has resigned,” he said He must have been asked to resign, so he did This is an internal matter of the BJP Ask them questions What will happen just by blaming the health minister? The Prime Minister has held all the meetings with Corona He sees everything It’s up to their team to decide who to keep and who not. “

The Chief Minister further claimed that the BJP did not pay any attention to the issue of Corona Extreme He complained, ‘Did the BJP give any importance to Corona Atimari at all? Or have people ever given importance to any other problem? They just understand the good of their team He does politics every day They do not agree with the work of the government They can do everything for the team, but they can’t do anything for the people If BJP had given importance to Corona, the second wave would not have come Until then, everyone would have been vaccinated. ” Chief Minister 7 has continuously attacked the central government with Corona Atimari He has also spoken about this in the meeting called by the Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister for the first time in February demanding free vaccines for all. This time, even after the resignation of the Union Health Minister, the Chief Minister pointed the finger directly at the Prime Minister for his failure to handle the Corona epidemic.

Health infrastructure collapsed in a large part of the country in the second phase of the Corona Extreme Numerous patients have died due to lack of medical oxygen The oxygen crisis has reached its peak in the capital Delhi itself This caused great inconvenience to the central government and the BJP It is believed that Harsh Vardhan had to move with the responsibility of failure

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