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#Kolkata: In the afternoon, Shuvendu Adhikari resigned as the president of the BJP’s youth front in the state, sparking outrage against Dilip Gho. Bishnupur BJP MP Soumitra Khan, however, ended the mutiny in the evening. He withdrew his resignation and returned to his post Soumitra claimed on Facebook that he had withdrawn his resignation on the advice of BJP central general secretary BL Santosh.

According to sources, the top BJP leadership has summoned Soumitra to Delhi after the day-long drama. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also spoke with Bishnupur MPs It is believed that the top leadership of the team can warn Soumitra once again

Although four MPs from Bengal got seats in the Union Cabinet on that day, Soumitra did not give up. However, the BJP’s results in the Bishnupur Lok Sabha constituency were relatively good in the Assembly elections. Even after that, without getting a place in the cabinet, Soumitra Shuvendu Adhikari targeted Dilip Ghosh on Facebook this afternoon, according to inside BJP.

Soumitra had made one explosive complaint after another without naming Shuvendu Adhikari He alleged that Shuvendu was misleading the top leadership of the party by going to Delhi He also advised Shuvendu Adhikari to ‘look in the mirror’ The state president of the party, Dilip Ghosh, joked that he did not understand everything However, he claimed that he would not leave the BJP as long as he lived However, this rebellion of Soumitra lasted only a few hours

Soumitra has repeatedly created various controversies within the party The party has repeatedly warned him A few days ago, he made the party uncomfortable by demanding a separate Jangalmahal state Even then, he was summoned to Delhi and warned by BJP all-India president JP Nadda. Later that day, Soumitra Khan opened his mouth against the party and increased the discomfort of the BJP

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