Ashok Lahiri on Budget 2021 | Opening batsman Ashok Lahiri against the budget, Mastermashai took the storm …

#Kolkata: Wednesday was the first innings. The state’s ruling party presented the budget proposal (WB Budget 2021-22) in the assembly. Today, Balurghat MLA economist Ashok Lahiri batted first against the budget proposal on behalf of the BJP. Ashok Lahiri’s five decades of experience became the BJP’s dividend in the assembly chamber. He also made the dull subject like budget poetic by virtue of his narration.

Ashok Lahiri, who went down to bat on this day, first made it clear that he wanted to talk about the implications of the budget. It is customary to vote according to the assembly and to hear dissent. Ashok Lahiri knows that well. So at the beginning he said, you can refute my argument.

What is the argument of Ashok Lahiri? The Balurghat MLA has clearly said that West Bengal is lagging behind. Ashok Lahiri identified the tendency of migrant workers to leave the state for another state, for students to go elsewhere to study, and to go to Vellore for word-of-mouth treatment.

The veteran economist said, “People have been misled by the budget. Many welfare schemes have been launched in the state. Multiple projects have been launched with Shree and Dhara. Various projects have also been launched with affectionate offerings.” . Ashok Lahiri did not say much. But like the political elite, he turned around and showed his nose. In a sarcastic tone, he said, “How are you running so many welfare projects, so much inhumane work! After that, his comment is, why aren’t the rest of the state launching these projects? They don’t mind development or they don’t know?” Veteran economists say, “This project should bring transparency by opening windows and doors.”

The Dundee economist also wanted to tie the route map of the future. According to the Balurghat MLA, there are still problems in communication with North Bengal. There is no effort to modernize the national highway. I will not say that the health system is broken. The health system was broken. Kovid showed that.

At the end of his speech, Ashok Lahiri, in a tone of some advice to the state government, said that capital expenditure, i.e. investment of capital, should be increased for development.

The party will be like the opponent. However, political observers say that in the age of squabbling, Ashok Lahiri in the assembly means only the opportunity to learn, the assembly room is like a classroom.

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