Ashok Lahiri: ‘There is more improvement in the grassroots than the left’, says Ashok

#Kolkata: He is a world renowned economist. He is now the MLA of this state. However, the opposition. Therefore, in this budget session, Shuvendu is not entitled to the BJP, but the Gerua Shibir has put forward the MLA of Balurghat. And getting that opportunity, Ashok Lahiri seems to be impressing everyone in his eloquence. Not mere opposition, but the government is piercing the party with sharp arguments. That is why the ruling camp does not want to stop him by shouting at him. He is getting a chance, and creating a mixture of constructive opposition and sarcasm is creating discomfort for the government. Just as Ashok Lahiri was vocal in his criticism of the budget session, he also raised the tone of opposition at a press conference. However, on this day, he slammed the Trinamool government but kept it a little ahead of the Left government. In his words, “What happened in the left government has improved the TMC government.” He himself says, ‘I have made constructive criticism. I have refuted the claim with logical information. I’m glad that didn’t stop me. Budget CAG looks. We have the idea that there is no such report after 2016-17. The budget is presented at the beginning of the year. Something changes then. There is a big difference between revised and actual. ‘

At a press conference on the same day as inside the assembly, Ashok Lahiri mocked the development programs of the state government and said, “There are many public welfare projects. There are projects with Shri, Sathi, Dhara, Bandhu, Sneher Sathi, Nij, Bangla. Luckily I don’t study anymore. If I asked him to write the exam, I would have failed. There are some projects, which are supported by the center. Which scheme is centrally sponsored should be informed.

Ashok Lahiri also clarified his position on the issue of opposition to the Center. “We are sitting in the assembly,” he said. I have done a lot to condemn the center. It is a waste of time to sit here and condemn. ‘ His sneer at the ruling party, ‘I see pictures in multiple places in the city of Calcutta. Pictures of smiling MLAs. So the budget needs to know where the money is coming from.

On this day, Ashok Lahiri again asked about the deep sea port. Pierced the government. In his words, ‘deep sea port must be built. Although it is a coastal state, it has not happened. I have asked the government to increase the infrastructure. I have asked the government to report on the improvement of the economic condition of the state and the financial condition of the government.

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