Babul Supriyo: Babul Supriyo’s life is full of sympathy, what Babul wrote in the net …

#Kolkata: Babul Supriyo resigns from Cabinet Ministry. He told social media on Wednesday that he had been instructed to resign. Since then, political practices centered on Babul Supriyo have started in various quarters. The party has also heard Dilip Ghosh’s slanted remarks on his announcement. However, the MP of Asansol (Babul Supriyo) is not proud of that. Today, he posted on Facebook that he had to step down from the ministry after seven years. So many people have sent messages to express their sympathy. Babul (Babul Supriyo) opened his mouth in the face book to reply to the message. Thank you to all who sympathized with him.

In a post on Facebook on Thursday morning, Babul Supriya wrote, “I am very happy to thank those who are sending me condolences.” When I was a minister, I did not get so many MESSAGE in seven years. The fact that Babul Supriya, a former BJP Union Minister and singer, has made this remark with a bit of fun is evident from the use of his emojis. In the end, Babul Supriya also apologized for expressing his gratitude through ‘Facebook’.

Babul Supriya became a BJP MP after snatching victory from Asansol Industrial City in 2014. He was the only BJP MP in South Bengal. Then he became the Union Minister of State. Even after his second term as Prime Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not disappoint Babul. Babul survived in the Union Cabinet. The star politician was dropped from the cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday after eight years as a union minister. He said he was asked to resign. The BJP MP from Asansol is clearly saddened by the party’s decision. He did not hide it on Facebook.

He wrote in his Facebook post yesterday, ‘Friends in the news media love me. I can’t pick up their phone. Let me tell you, yes, I have resigned from the cabinet. (I was asked to resign. This is not the case.) I thank the Prime Minister for giving me the opportunity to serve the country as a member of the Cabinet. I am leaving without the stain of corruption. It is very happy.

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