CPIM: BJP-Mamata benefits from not dividing the grassroots! ‘Doctor’ Mishra caught the disease of CPM

#Kolkata: Not just a wreck, but a catastrophe. The CPM has disappeared from the Bengal Legislative Assembly. Although the brigade meeting was filled with leaders and workers, the left did not fill the ballot box. Like Benazir, the Left has no representative in the assembly. In this situation, senior leaders like Kanti Gangopadhyay have also pointed fingers at the top leadership of the CPM. Finally, CPM state secretary Suryakanta Mishra admitted his ‘mistake’.

While trying to catch the disease of CPM, ‘Doctor Babu’ Suryakanta Mishra realized, ‘Trinamool and BJP were put in one line before the assembly vote. The BJP slogan was used alleging links between the Trinamool and the BJP. No other party should have met with the BJP, but we did. As a result, it was unclear who was the biggest enemy. As a result, confusion has spread about us.

The CPM state secretary confessed, ‘The No Vote to BJP campaign was launched in various places including social media. Although there were conspiracies before, the situation changed after 2019. At this time, a large section of the common people could not accept the attack by keeping the BJP and the Trinamool in the same line. And the grassroots have gathered that profit. Things like government have been downplayed at the door. That’s not right. The bandage on the Chief Minister’s leg has also garnered people’s sympathy. First Ram, then left BJP made propaganda. They did that propaganda. But it could not be caught, rather it has affected a part of our team. The grassroots organization handled the opposition to a large extent through programs like Didike Bolo or the government at the door.

However, Suryakanta has made it clear that he still puts the Trinamool BJP in the same seat in several places. In his words, “The biggest similarity between the BJP and the Trinamool is that both parties are anti-communist.” However, CPM state secretary Saf said the BJP was their main enemy in the current situation in the country. He said the fight between the CPM and the Left against the BJP would intensify.

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