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#Kolkata: Four people have been arrested this time on charges of embezzling Rs 35 lakh in the name of giving a job to a home guard of the state police under the guise of DSP. Complaints were lodged in Boubazar. The anti-hooliganism branch arrested four accused The names of the victims are Masud Rana, Ravi Murmu, Shuvro Nag Roy and Paritosh Barman.

According to police sources, Ravi Murmu was a constable of the gang. He was fired in 2011. Because there were multiple such allegations against him. The arrested Masood Rana introduced himself as DSP. According to police sources, fake documents, fake appointment letters, hats, belts and Tk 1.75 lakh were recovered from the detainees. The arrested Masood is a resident of Murshidabad. Ravi and Shuvro are residents of Malda and Gaighata and Paritosh is a resident of West Midnapore respectively.

But how did these people cheat? The incident started about a month ago. According to intelligence sources, Masood Rana and his team used to target job seekers who needed jobs. They assured job seeker Samresh Mahato and his friends that they would get jobs in the state police home guard. That’s why he took 6 lakh rupees from someone and 7 lakh rupees from someone. It is alleged that they misappropriated 35 lakh rupees.

Then on June 29, he moved to a guest house in Chandni Chowk with the job seekers. Then there are job seekers given hats, belts, fake appointment letters etc. But after staying for a few days, the job seekers see that they are not getting food in the hotel. The rest of the money is going. Meanwhile, the date of joining the job is also going away. They lodged a complaint with the Baubazar police station. After that, the officers of the gang suppression branch arrested 4 people in this incident.

But how did the accused get acquainted with these job applicants? Detectives claim, Paritosh and Samresh are residents of West Midnapore. This is the pleasure of introducing Samresh to the rest. Paritosh said he has a known officer who will give him a job as a home guard. Then one by one DSP Masood Rana, Ravi Murmu, Shuvro Nag introduced themselves. They claim to have known several senior officials.

Since Robi was once a constable of the anti-gang branch of the Calcutta Police, he was aware of the manners of the police. Detectives are investigating whether anyone else is involved in the scam


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