Hadish of illegal call center again, arrested 12

#Kolkata: Illegal call center in the city again. The call center was opened after falling into the trap of cheating, such is the claim of the Kolkata police. The intelligence center of Kolkata police has arrested 12 people in a raid in Tiljala area after receiving information from secret sources. The call center was renting a flat on Chaubaga Road on 3/1. Police claim that the call center was opened with the intention of deceiving the general public. The intelligence department launched the operation after receiving specific information.

Police further claimed that some people were arrested in Hatena during the operation. After interrogating them, the investigating officers got the whereabouts of 12 people. They were then arrested. Multiple documents including a laptop, a CPU, three hard disks, two WiFi routers and an office attendance registrar’s book were seized from the illegal call center. Apart from those 12 people, the police is also investigating how many others are involved with this gang. Most of the victims are from Tiljala, Beniapukur police station area. The suspects have been charged under multiple sections of the Information Technology Act and the Indian Penal Code.

In the last week of June, police raided another illegal call center and arrested 19 people. At the time, there were allegations of cheating with Australians sitting in Calcutta. Police claim that these illegal call centers are basically using the name of a reputed company to deceive in the name of helping different customers. In particular, these call centers provide software services or information technology support, which is why the general public is sometimes called and conspired to fall into the trap. Assistance will be given, saying that there is an allegation against them for not giving assistance online with money from the customer. There are even allegations of manipulating bank information while taking money online. The police claimed that there was such a plan.

(Amit Sarkar)

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