Is the incident of gang rape and robbery in Gardenrich from old enmity? Already arrested 1

#Kolkata: One person was arrested in connection with the gang rape and robbery of Gardenrich. Azgar Shah, 26, accused in the incident, was arrested from Gardenrich on Thursday afternoon. Police will present the captured dragon in court on Friday. After entering the house in Bharadupur, the miscreants tied the hands and feet, first gang-raped the girl and then broke the cupboard and looted 15 lakh rupees.

After receiving such allegations on Wednesday, the intelligence department of Kolkata police started an investigation. Azgar Shah, a former acquaintance of the girl, was arrested within 24 hours of taking charge of the investigation. Azar, a resident of Gaya in Bihar, has been living in the Gardenrich area for four or five years. The relationship of the abused young woman with the electrician dragon by profession was formed a couple of years ago.

However, a year ago, the young woman’s family found out about this relationship. Police claim that since then, the family forcibly stopped the young woman’s association with the young man. Even if there is communication on the phone, it was cut off a month ago. Police found out that when other members of the family went out, everyone would lock the girl in the house. And on this occasion, on Tuesday afternoon, a python with some people entered the house of the young women, such is the complaint.

The dragon made the duplicate key of that house. According to police sources, Azgar Shah was arrested on Thursday afternoon. Of the 15 lakh rupees looted, 10 lakh rupees and gold and silver jewelery were recovered. This loot has come up in the initial interrogation mainly out of greed. However, some investigators believe that revenge was hidden in the incident. Who else is involved besides the dragon is being investigated. However, the police said that Azgar has pleaded guilty. Police will take Dhrita into custody on Friday. On the other hand, the secret statement of the young woman has been taken in the court on the same day. Physical examination has also been done.

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