John Barla: ‘Want a separate North Bengal?’ John Barler ‘mysterious’ position as a minister!

#NewDelhi: Immediately after the assembly vote, he suddenly made a fuss, demanding that North Bengal be made a separate state or union territory. He even met Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar in Darjeeling. Alipurduar MP John Barla has been given a place in the cabinet reshuffle by Narendra Modi. He has been made the Minister of State for Minority Development. And he moved away from his position as a minister. Will you be more vocal in your demand for a separate North Bengal as a minister? “I don’t want to create controversy at the moment,” he told News18Bangla in Delhi. I want the center-state to work for the people at the same time. ‘

But why the sudden change of position? Listening to Barla’s face ‘at this moment’, many ask, will he be vocal about North Bengal again ‘at the right time’? New speculation has been created. However, Trinamool General Secretary Perth Chatterjee made it clear that the Trinamool was going to take a tough stance in making Barla a minister. In his words, “BJP is a strange political party. They have made a minister from North Bengal who wants to share Bengal. This kind of help has been given before with the mountains.

Incidentally, Barla became vocal in his demand for a separate North Bengal last month. He said, “South Bengal has always neglected North Bengal The revenue here has gone to South Bengal But the people of North Bengal did not get any benefit from it. That is why I want the status of a separate state of North Bengal I believe that only then the people here will be happy and there will be real development I will make this demand as soon as the session of Parliament begins. ” After his remarks, the Trinamool protested across the state. Charges were also lodged against John in several police stations. The BJP, however, has been saying that this comment is the personal opinion of the MPs. However, his allegations are true. This time Barla is the minister from such a volatile position. Then he changed his position and started making new rumors.

Even without naming John Barla, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has slammed the Modi government. In his words, “It is up to their party to decide who will be the minister, who will be the sentry, who will be the nominee, who will be the one to push the neck.” The BJP itself is the biggest separatist Man finds all these powers only when his mind is destroyed But all this power is not worthy of being given They will not be of any use The BJP may be satisfied with this, but it will be of no use to the people.

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