Kanti Ganguli: ‘Singur Movement’ episode sparked new controversy and revealed Kanti’s ‘desire for bloodshed’!

#Kolkata: If Singur had taken a new mandate in the next episode, it would have shown the political goodwill of the government. Kanti Ganguli told the team about it. But the party did not like that. In his book ‘Raktapalash Akankhaya’, the senior leader of CPM said that. The book written by Kanti Gangopadhyay was published today, July 7, which has already caused quite a stir.

Kanti Gangopadhyay’s new book ‘Raktapalasher Akankhaya’ was published on Thursday. In his book, Kanti writes about his disagreement with the party at that time. He wrote that at that time he had raised the issue of dissolving the assembly and taking a new mandate. He believed that people would be by their side. However, he wanted to make it clear whether the people support them. He told the top leadership of the party to accept whatever people want. However, the party did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Kanti regrets, ‘My offer was not accepted, but there is no point in blaming anyone for it. All the important and basic duties of our party are decided on the basis of the principle of democratic centralism of the party management i.e. the opinion of the majority.

In his autobiography of the communist leader, while writing about Singur, he mentioned two grassroots MLAs. Who are in important positions in the current cabinet. Although she did not want to be named, Kanti said they had commented on the Singur incident at that time as a ‘big loss’. And this strong demand of Kanti Gangopadhyay has sparked a new controversy in Singur’s case.

In her book, Kanti Gangopadhyay claims that two ministers of the present state government, the then MLA, came to her office and said, “There has been a great loss.” However, for the sake of courtesy, he is not revealing their names. This is not the end, Kanti has written more unknown things about Singur episode.

Note that the Left Front came to power by winning 235 seats in the 2008 assembly elections. Buddhadev Bhattacharya was once again sworn in as the Chief Minister. He immediately announced that Tata’s Nano factory would be set up in Singur. The land movement started around the land acquisition of that factory. The next history is known to all. Mamata Banerjee came to power with huge support centered on this land movement.

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