Kunal Ghosh mocks cabinet reshuffle | Bengali has not got a full minister in seven years, Kunal says Shantanu Nishitha’s ‘immovable money’!

#Kolkata: Two state ministers Babul Supriya and Debashree Chowdhury have been dropped from the Union Cabinet. Instead, four Bengali MPs have found a place in Modi’s cabinet. However, in the seven-year Modi cabinet, Bengal did not get a full minister again. The Union Ministers of State are Nishith Pramanik, John Barla, Subhash Sarkar and Shantanu Tagore. And that is why Trinamool state general secretary Kunal Ghosh’s comment this time. Kunal greeted the Union Ministers of State, but argued that the award was a consolation prize.

Kunal Ghosh wrote on social media, “Four ministers of state from Bengal are not full ministers. Best wishes for their ministry. That number doesn’t match. “

The BJP has chosen a representative of the exploited and deprived community to form a new cabinet. Like the political circles, the BJP’s strategy is to continue the politics of social engineering across the country. That is why Nishith, Shantanu and John Barla got a place from Bengal. Votes have been cast in Bengal, but the BJP thinks that this representative may pay a dividend in the coming days. Shantanu Tagore’s representation will increase land in Matua society. In the future, Nishith-John Barlas will pull the Indigenous Tea Workers-Rajbangshi vote. And perhaps challenging the BJP’s social engineering theory, Kunal Ghosh says that the number of votes in this game will not match.

Needless to say, this time the BJP also occupied Bengal through social engineering politics. But in the face of Mamata Banerjee’s propaganda strategy, it has fallen on deaf ears. This is the first reason for Kunal’s confidence.

Note that this time Narendra Modi has picked the minister himself. He looked closely at the performance and asked the ministers for a presentation. Those whose names have been dropped from the cabinet have no doubt that he thinks he has failed. And using that report card tool, Kunal is also asking the question, what did Babul-Debashree give to Bengal? His observations about the Nishitas are useless. In other words, they have only been betting on the vote, that is what he wants to say. Kunal’s sarcasm is also mentioned in the mention of making a state minister instead of a full minister, because in seven years, Bengal has not got a single full minister.

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