Nawsad Siddique: We want hospitals-colleges-factories in the area, Nowshad is doing ‘place’ in the assembly alone

#Kolkata: In his first speech in the assembly session, Nowshad Siddiqui, the only MLA of the United Front, passed the letter with marks. In his first speech as the only MLA of the United Front, he brought up the issue of Red Volunteers. Which many could not think. Speaking for the first time, Nowshad repeatedly spoke about the admirable role of CPIM students and youth. Nowshad spoke about how these Red Volunteers have stood by the people in Corona. He will now represent the Left and the Congress in the Assembly. And in his first budget session on Thursday, Nowshad stormed the assembly, demanding health, education and employment.

In his first budget speech, Nowshad, the lone MLA of the United Front, demanded that Bhangre, his assembly constituency, a super specialty hospital, college and factory. In fact, Mamata Banerjee has announced 1.5 crore jobs in this year’s budget. Nowshad’s speech on this day has emphasized on the implementation of that employment. In fact, the day before, Nowshad had said that he would continue to make constructive criticisms of the government. He will also help the government as much as possible for development.

In fact, he is introducing himself not as the ISF, but as the director of the United Front. In his speech, he also mentioned, “I want to maintain the entire unity of Bengal.” He complained that even after becoming a MLA, he himself was attacked. Walking the BJP’s line, he also became vocal about post-election violence. He has also mentioned several incidents of bhangra and canning.

However, he made it clear that he would not harmonize with the BJP. After concluding his first day’s speech, he said, ‘There is a deep conspiracy going on to divide Bengal. We will fight against this conspiracy. However, he made it clear that he would be vocal against the government on a number of issues, including transparent recruitment to the SSC. He also demanded multiple development works for his constituency.

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