Raj Chakraborty wrote down his first step in the assembly

#Kolkata: You can’t come if you want, you have to go a long way in the assembly. People have given me that opportunity. Today, when I can speak for them freely in the assembly, I want to look back on that path. News 18 Bangla You can call this page a torn page of my diary.

My fight was not easy. When I started preaching on the first day, I made up my mind that I would not leave the field no matter how difficult the fight was. The game will be not just a slogan, I wanted the game to be able to stand by people with the spirit of the word. My challenge was to empower my staff. A lot of people talked about a lot of problems, listening to them without hesitation, finding quick solutions to them, that I could give people the confidence that I could do it. Now even the problems of small people do not escape my eyes. I try to work while maintaining coordination. So I hope the blessings of the people will be with me.

I am coming to the assembly as a legislator, a chair is reserved for me in the assembly room, I am representing a region, it creates a shiver in my mind. I greeted the assembly on the first day. The people of the area have high expectations of me. This is the only place where I can raise my voice, raise my head and state my demands. I will be able to highlight the principle that I believe in. So the assembly is very interesting to me, very instructive.

When the gate of the assembly was opened and the car was entering, the first question came to my mind, can I? When I set foot, then it seemed that the team leader herself had put her trust in me. So many people are watching. You must be able to!

I can promise, I will not miss the session if I am not incapable. The party has instructed to be present in the assembly, I will try to abide by those rules letter by letter. The people of Bengal have a mountainous responsibility on those whom they select and send to this place. There are instances where many have neglected that responsibility. I promise I’ll keep that promise.

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