The body of the driver was found hanging in a private bus in Kolkata

#Kolkata: Unusual death of private bus driver on Dhakauria-Howrah route. The hanging body of the driver was recovered from inside the bus at bus stand No. 37. Other bus drivers and conductors claim to have committed suicide due to lack of money. Thursday at 8 am. The starter of Route 36 saw the body hanging through the window glass of the first bus. He approached and saw the driver of the bus, Ranjit Das, hanging by the neck. When the Lake police station was informed, the police came and recovered the body. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Strict curfews have been in place across the state for more than a month and a half. Due to which the bus was closed. So the remuneration did not match, such was the complaint of other bus drivers. According to them, Ranjit used to talk about scarcity from time to time. He would not even go home. He used to fall asleep in the bus at night. He was also on the bus on Wednesday night. He was found hanging this morning. Their further complaint is that if the bus does not run, their commission is closed. Everyone has a family, they are questioning how long this will last.

After recovering the body, Lake police contacted the bus owner. A case of unnatural death has already been filed. However, police have spoken to other bus drivers at the stand. The lack they are complaining about is being investigated. It is being investigated whether there is any lack or just any other reason behind the suicide. Initially, the police think it is suicide. The body has already been sent for autopsy. The family has also been contacted. Police are also investigating whether there was any unrest in the family. Investigators think it is necessary to know whether he borrowed money from someone for lack of money.

(Amit Sarkar)

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