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#Kolkata: African Man Singing Rabindra Sangeet singing Rabindra Sangeet with clear pronunciation! And in this net age, that song is sung by Bengalis and Rabindra-Rasikas all over the world. The fact that the melody of Rabindra Sangeet is universal cannot be overstated. Rabindranath’s songs are equally popular in foreign lands. Ziata, an African young man, seems to have proved once again that the melody of Rabindra Sangeet still touches the top of the language and the fence of the country.

Netdunia is fascinated to hear Rabindra Sangeet sung by this young man. Surprised but netizens did not forget to send their best wishes for Ziata. Note that a person named Ashish Sanyal shared the video of this song on Facebook. The video started going viral right away.

Incidentally, Rabindra Sangeet has also been used in a Pakistani series a few days ago. Netizens praised the producers of the show. This time, the double net citizens in ‘Mayabanbiharini Harini’ on the neck of African young Giatar. Although it is a completely different language, Ziata did not fail to try to bring Bengali in pronunciation from the melody. Even though it is a little broken, the people of our net world are amazed to see the zealous efforts of Ziata to keep the pronunciation and melody of Rabindra Sangeet right. And the comment box is overflowing with that. I swear that this African Ziata, who has come close to the mind of Bengal, will appear with a new Robi song very soon.

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