Will Bengal be as festive as before on the verge of Pandemic’s Third Wave? arc Durgapujo possible in the third wave of thunder? What are the artisans behind the autumn festival saying? – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: Will Sharadotsab (Durga Puja 2021) be stuck this time only on the pages of Bengali calendar and calendar? Mintu Pal’s fear is the same Kumortuli’s longtime artist doesn’t seem to recognize his familiar environment Even though the tide came in the Ganges, the ebb tide in the potters’ neighborhood was 6 “Before coronavirus, I used to make at least 40 idols every year I used to send idols abroad at 5-6 o’clock So far this year I have sent only two ৷ ” said the experienced iconographer

He said, this year in Calcutta, the puja has not been done Some pujo committees have said over the phone that they will pay না Kumortuli’s financial situation has deteriorated due to the impact of two surges and the threat of a third wave. Mintu is terrified of the uncertain future of the potters

Pujo’s pomp is decreasing in the face of uncertainty Saumya Shankar Das 7 of Chetla Agrani admitted He said, there must be worship But they will organize Durgotsab 7 as small as last year The government guidelines that will be given according to the situation will be followed letter by letter In the words of Soumya Shankar, “Every year our club joins in public service initiatives For the past year and a half, Chetla has been at the forefront of various activities, including the oxygen service. Besides, relief has also been distributed in Sagardwip and Kakdwip in Yas Tandob.

The same tune is sung by Anjan Das of Nakatala Udayan Sangh, another big pujo in Kolkata. He said, “Worship will be done in accordance with social responsibility this year Because now health is everyone’s priority Therefore, the Durgotsab will be organized by our club in compliance with the government guidelines. ” The club has been providing food for Kovid victims in their ward for a long time Relief has been delivered to the devastated Sundarbans

This year Bhabatosh Sutar is making the idol of Nakatala Udayan Sangh Last year he was also the artist of this Durgotsab This year, besides Nakatala, he is also the iconic artist of Arjunpur ‘Amara Sabai’ club “For some artists like us, Durgapujo is not just an income, it is an art,” he said But who has just graduated from art college? To them it is a platform to reach somewhere Twenty years ago I was in that place too In this situation, they are severely damaged. ” Atimari has broken the backbone of the entire Durgapujo industry. Regret Bhabatosh 6 He thinks that it is necessary to worship even in compliance with the strict restrictions of the government Because such an industry is rare “Cash money reaches the marginalized people through the autumn festival That is very important, “said the artist

DK Goswami, the owner of Sribhumi Sporting Club, cannot deny the role of many families around the autumn festival. “As everyone knows the pujo of Sribhumi, so will the pujo be performed this time as well,” he said. The puja budget of Sribhumi Sporting Club is used for public service every year. This time too he will not be an exception However, nothing has been finalized yet Thinking of the faces involved in this festival, their worship will be in chircena rhythm Khuntipujo 6 of their Durgotsab on Sunday

On the other side of the city, another well-known pujo entrepreneur, Behala Club, will be performing khunti pujo this year. Saitan Bhattacharya said ” Our worship this time is just worship Not of Joulus 6 Like last year, this time too there will be pujo in the combination of Sabekiana and the theme ” Keeping in mind the humanitarian appeal, this time too their worship is unpretentious

Even though it is not stylish, the old-fashioned baroari pujo is ‘event’ today Recent trends say that corporate presence is one of its components Nakatala Udayan Sangh has already talked to some organizations But nothing has been finalized yet Entrepreneur Anjan 7 said Large-scale Durgapujo is virtually impossible without corporate funding Like, Chetla Agrani and Violin Club too However, corporate funding for these two clubs has not yet been finalized this year But pujo entrepreneurs are hesitant about what will happen to the commercials that surround the extreme weather.

This year, Sanatan Dinda is also worried about the uncertainty surrounding Pujo as a whole. In the words of the famous artist, “I want Durgapujo to be ৷ It is to free people from suffocation The financial aspect of Durgapuja is also undeniable The festival can never be virtual Worship in accordance with the restrictions. “

Sanatan 6 made three idols last year He did not take the deposit this year OK, don’t make an idol this time Because, he wants the rest of the artists to get a chance The dazzling theme pujo artisan said, “Durgapujo is not my bread. But there are innumerable artists for whom Durgotsab is the main source of income So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. “

But that path is also very close this year to the very friendly Kumartuli artist Nab Pal Before the corona weather, in the preparation phase of the puja, the work pressure would make you breathe But this year the advance has not been made Verbal assurances have been received from some insignificant big entrepreneurs “After vaccination, the artisans are returning to work after overcoming the fear,” he said It seems that the situation is not going to change for the better.

Even standing in the dark like him, everyone is listening to the sound of light

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