42 days of ventilation, 19 days of life support from the old man of Ranchi! Kolkata doctors made the impossible possible – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: For the last year and a half, coronavirus has been on our lips. Just bad news everywhere. Yet in the meantime this event is like a glimpse of sweet air. Ganesh Prasad Singh, a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand, is 6 years old. On May 8, he was admitted to a hospital in Ranchi in critical condition with coronary heart disease and severe respiratory distress. He had to stay on ventilation for 3 days. The doctors then gave a kind answer and told his family that there was no other way but Ekmo support.

After that, Ganesh Kumar’s son Rahul Kumar from Mumbai came to know that there is no such thing in Ranchi. They quickly contacted Kolkata and Dhakuria Amri Hospital.

Ganesh Prasad Singh was flown to Kolkata from Ranchi by air ambulance with ventilation support. Then begins the process of accomplishing an impossible task. The doctors, nurses and health workers of Dhakuria Amri Hospital gave birth to a unique fairy tale. Ganesh Prasad Babu’s heart and lungs were kept active for 19 days with the help of an EMO support i.e. artificial heart and lung machine. Ganesh Prasad Singh has to stay in ventilation for 39 days after being taken out of Ekmo. He was then given to the General Cabin. Ganesh Prasad Singh is much healthier now.

Ganesh Prasad Singh is looking forward to return to his home in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Soham Majumder, an EMO specialist at Dhakuria Amri Hospital and a critical care specialist, said: “Our challenge was to save this patient. We are very satisfied. “There is no precedent for saving the patient. I appeal to everyone, that you all still be alert and vigilant. We must conquer Corona.”

On the other hand, the only son Rahul Kumar and daughter-in-law Anamika were overjoyed to give birth to their father. They both said in one sentence, “These doctors are God to us. We gave up hope of getting my father back. But we are grateful for the way these doctors fought and reborn my father for the rest of our lives.”

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