Although the price of petrol and diesel has increased many times in five years, the commission has not increased by a single taka, angry pump owners. Last 5 years Petrol price hike many times but no commission increased Pump owners are disappointed– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Petrol-diesel prices have gone up a lot in the last five years. But the commission of pump dealers has not gone up by a single rupee. The pump owners are vocal in their complaints. Sales have fallen sharply due to the continuous rise in prices. Many petrol pumps are now practically running, especially in Corona. Although the commission has not increased by a single penny, the various expenses related to the hassle and operation of the pump have been increasing day by day. That is the complaint of petrol pump owners. Petrol has crossed the century. And the diesel century is touching. In this situation, some of the owners of petrol pumps in Kolkata or the state have said, “The way oil prices have skyrocketed in the last few days has led to a daily increase in oil sales.”

On behalf of the owner, Apu Pal Chowdhury, owner of a petrol pump in South Kolkata, said, “The cost of operating the pump is increasing almost every day. But no one has a headache with our commission. Under normal circumstances, it has become almost impossible to pay the workers. We are not cutting their salaries just for the sake of humanity. Another pump owner said, “In the current situation, we have to pay for the business from home, not from business.” The situation will be much more normal if GST is imposed on petroleum products. He also says that many petrol pump owners.

This time the owners of petrol pumps are also protesting against the increase in petrol and diesel prices. With the price of petroleum products skyrocketing day by day, it has become a problem for the pump owners to keep the business afloat. The pump owners’ organization joined the symbolic strike on Wednesday in protest. Petrol pump owners joined the agitation by shutting down services from 7pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday.

However, not only the owners, but also the workers of the pump were seen participating in the protest wearing black badges. Snehashish Bhowmick, co-president of the West Bengal Petroleum Dealers Association, complained, “We have repeatedly appealed to the concerned authorities to increase the commission. But even today we have not received any response in this regard. Even five years ago we sold oil which we used to get commission for, so we still get it today. But we are also confident that the price of petrol and diesel has reached the current level. The dealers’ association has warned to start a movement soon on the commission by selling petrol and diesel.

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