Chanda Bauri: ‘Babu’ in mind, Mejdar’s car on the go, another life in MLA hostel

#Kolkata: “Babu’s body is bad. I haven’t seen him in 5 days. That’s why I have to go home as soon as the meeting is over.” Chandana Bauri was standing on the porch of the assembly and saying the words with one breath. Won the vote for the first time (BJP MLA). He is representing Saltora, Bankura. And when he came to the assembly, he was a little nervous at first, but he is slowly adapting. On the one hand the development of the area, listening to everyone in the assembly in accordance with the rules and on the other hand looking for your own child. This has now become the routine of Chandana Bauri.

How do you feel in the assembly? “It’s good that Shuvendu Da, Srirupa Didi has explained a lot to me. I am slowly learning everything.” It has to be done in the assembly. But where to get a car to travel? So Chandna Baury, the newly elected BJP MLA, has come to ‘Kolkata’ from Shaltora in Bankura, renting the last Mesh Dada’s car.

Chandana’s name has repeatedly surfaced in the headlines since the BJP’s list of ‘poorest’ candidates. Even from the beginning of the campaign, the small-looking girl caught everyone’s eye. Because Chandana, the wife of a day laborer and mother of two, had a different diary from the beginning than the other five candidates. The people of Shaltora have won by voting for Chandana, who has been campaigning in the neighborhood day and night after eating panta.

Standing in the assembly, Chandana once again expressed her gratitude. “The BJP has given tickets to a poor man like me, that’s a lot,” he said. Even behind the shiny yellow-red mask, light shone on Chandana’s eyes. “It costs a lot to come to Kolkata once. I will come too. People have won me over so I have to come,” he said.

Chandana wants to give the first thought to the construction of roads and ghats in Shaltora. The BJP MLA, who has already done his homework on the work plan, also has a plan to provide water to the people of the area as soon as possible. Chanda Bauri wants to be vocal with all the MLAs in the assembly. BJP’s poorest MLA Chandana Bauri has pledged to stand by the people of the area for the next five years. He is responsible for fulfilling the dreams of many more Chandanas in the area. However, Chandana is happy to get a room in the MLA hostel. And there is a ‘table’ car to travel from Bankura!

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