Dilip Ghosh On Matua Community: ‘Mamta cheated on Matua’, Dilip Ghosh sparks controversy over CAA

#Ashoknagar: This time, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh pushed Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s court to impose CAA in the state. He said that making a Union Minister from the deprived Matua community in the state is a big issue. He also questioned what the Trinamool Congress has done for the Matuas. He was speaking at a party meeting in Ashoknagar on Friday.

Santanu Thakur, an MP from Bangaon for the expansion of the Union Cabinet, has become a minister this time. He is the State Minister for Shipping. Naturally, Matuara will demand the implementation of CAA from the Union Minister. All eyes are on the ship on which Matua’s family brought CAA to Bengal. Meanwhile, the BJP state president came to Ashoknagar today and asked for the Chief Minister’s help in implementing the CAA. He said that without the cooperation of the Chief Minister of the state, the Center will implement new citizenship laws like benefits.

Ashoknagar meeting Ashoknagar meeting

Incidentally, before the assembly elections, Shantanu Tagore, the president of the Matua Maha Sangha and a BJP MP from Bangaon, was vocal about the implementation of CAA in the state. He reassured the Matuas by holding a meeting in the city. At the meeting, he said the new citizenship law would give citizenship to all refugees, including Matua, as soon as the state assembly votes are cast. The new citizenship law also became an issue in the Assembly vote. But Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee, standing against the central government, has made it clear that she will not implement the CAA in any way while she is in the state. “People who have been living in this state for a long time are just citizens. And what is the need for citizenship for those who have formed the government by voting?”

Here again he became vocal against the dissonants of the party. He compared Rajiv Banerjee and Sabyasachi Dutt with the bark of other trees. His claim is that those who came to the party with a lot of aspirations before the vote are making a mistake. The team is keeping an eye on everyone’s statements. The party will take appropriate action as soon as it reaches the level of breach of discipline. He said this without naming Rajiv Banerjee or Sabyasachi Dutt. According to Dilip Ghosh, the bark of another tree has been peeled off.

However, he sees success in the assembly elections, not the defeat of the party. This time, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said that they want to strengthen the booth level organization and move towards Pur and Panchayat polls.

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