DSO claims to start classes at college universities immediately with free vaccines

#Kolkata: Fees for all classes at Corona Abe College University will be waived. The DSO staged a protest on College Street demanding this. DSO student leaders and supporters marched from the front of the Mahabodhi Society to Calcutta University. Classes have been closed offline or in educational institutions for a long time in Corona situation. Reading is going on online. DSO demands that reading lessons should be started in educational institutions.

Earlier, it was demanded that all students above the age of 18 be given free corona vaccine. Not only that, the student organization has also demanded that the government should provide free vaccines to the non-teaching staff of the educational institutions. On behalf of the organization, 30 members joined the protest. They further demanded that the fee be waived. The Corona situation has created financial problems for many parents. Many have lost their jobs, and many have had their salaries halved – in many cases paying college fees. So DSO has demanded waiver of fees. The organization has already observed ‘Demand Week’ for the last one week. Abu Syed, Kolkata district secretary of DSO, said their movement would continue in the coming days.

Police were deployed outside the Calcutta University campus on College Street to mark the day’s event. The protest continued by blocking the road for a while. Later, protesters slogan on one side of the road at the request of the police. Not just Calcutta. The DSO leadership said that the movement will continue at the district level with the same demand. Especially on campuses like Vidyasagar University, North Bengal University, Burdwan University, this student organization will be vocal in its demands. Their statement to the government, their demands should be considered immediately. If necessary, they are ready to meet the Minister of Education and make their demands. In the Corona situation, the government has already brought various projects for the poor people, this time for the students, this demand has been raised on behalf of DSO.

(Amit Sarkar)

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